Are the Covid-19 Vaccines Safe?

You don’t need to be sick and nearly dead. You can be energetic when you walk, eat a whole food plant-based diet, get more sleep, drink more water and plug the energy leaks of anger, frustration, shame, and stuff you can’t control.In the initialization method (i.e. __init__), we set the protected attribute (_profile_data) to be None, which simply serves as a placeholder. In many cases, we don’t really need the profile data.You may be awake for 16 hours, but how energetic are you during those hours? It’s better to have hours where you feel alive, than lots of hours awake where you feel tired and like a zombie.
I started focusing on what I could control. I chose to forgive those who wronged me even though they didn’t deserve it, so I could gain back my mental clarity and peace of mind again.
Naval Ravikant is one of the entrepreneurs I follow most closely for his commitment to living the right kind of life now rather than burning out chasing money. This isn’t a traditional book and it’s best read in parts rather than from cover to cover. Ravikant’s thoughts are the kind where you read a page then need a few days to ponder the idea before returning to read more.

My former self was deathly sick — both mentally and physically. My bad health took me right to the brink of complete collapse. Thankfully, I made it out alive to tell the story, and perhaps, share a few things that helped me.

If you want to eat better, all you have to do is eat at home. When you eat out you have no idea what’s in your food. When you eat at home you control the ingredients. And you save lots of money too. One meal out buys you like three home-cooked meals.

For one example, we can have lazy attributes for our custom class instances. The following code shows you how we can use the property decorator to realize this functionality (please feel free to explore the @cached_property decorator in the functools module for a similar effect):

Jocko is a former Navy SEAL commander turned author who has seen staggering success. He’s converted the lessons he learned in the military into tips we civilians can learn from. Surprisingly, it’s not promoting a hierarchical view as I expected but encourages leaders to include their followers in their decision making. This way they feel ownership too and together they can get through everything.

Alcohol dehydrates you. If there’s one thing you don’t want to do it’s be dehydrated. Alcohol is a great way to screw up your body. It silently ruins your insides and messes with your mental state. I was a tired, depressed little boy on alcohol. Marketing has lied to us and told us to drink alcohol to relax.

This was a subtle change to how I approached food. Your default way to eat is to eat for pleasure. You get pleasure through the taste of your food. A simple way to change your eating habits is to change why you eat.

However, if we do need to get the profile data, we can wrap it around a property decorator. It will check if the _profile_data is None or not, and it will only run the expensive web request when we don’t have data for the _profile_data attribute.

Front-runners in the coronavirus vaccine race won’t make nearly as many doses this year as were predicted, but they may kick into high gear next year

Front-runners in the coronavirus vaccine race won’t make nearly as many doses this year as were predicted, but they may kick into high gear next year